MPTech Corp. are experts in the US Market in medical equipment provision, academic events planning, workstation and audiovisual rental.

Ultrasound experts:

MP-Tech has a team of world-renowned teachers who will help your company in any clinical / academic need, from lecturing at medical conferences to developing comprehensive educational tools.

Software development:

MP-Tech has strong history of custom software development to fit your company needs. Our engineers will assist your R&D department developing outsourced applications.

Hardware provision:

MP-Tech can rent ultrasound scanners for your academic events, or even your R&D needs. There are different models and rental options available to reduce your inventory costs.

Company Portal, Business Solutions:

MPTech Corp. Business Solutions Development Department markets the modular company portal solutions built for business grants: module sales, marketing module, service module and other business solutions, the works with many ERP software such as SAP.

All these solutions allow our engineering department to find the most effective, timely and economical solutions for our clients' applications, whether with a standard, modified or completely customized product. Our professional service department combines experience and innovation in repair and calibration in our authorized laboratory. Partners and Distributors: MPTech Corp. offers top quality equipment in the medical, computing & software fields.



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